Invite All Friends To Join Facebook Events

Introduce you the fastest way to invite all your friends to a Facebook Event (without hurting your finger)

If you have lots of friends to invite to events or page suggestions, you have most likely grown tired of clicking over and over again on each person that you want to invite. We all know what a pain it is to include a bunch of people from your friends list whenever you plan an event.

First, create an event, then click on a whole bunch of people, sit there and click, and click, and click… Well click no more, you can invite all your friends in one click using our facebook app (chrome extension).

This is how came to life, we decided we could make peoples lives easier and started by creating this extension, which will run some javascript magic that will do all that clicking for you! All in just a single click – Paid Pro Version is only $5.99 (one time charge for life time updates and support).

Here’s how it works:

Your effort spending for the tool is as little as 1 click. And that’s the click to tell our app to start scanning your friends, autoscroll and adding. You can cancel anytime, totally in control. The best way to see how miracle this tool is is to experience it yourself for FREE.
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